We do not look for blue-collars and suits. When talented people team up, they strive great things to happen. We need people that are ready to make new grounds. Working at IPPSOL you get not a job but new opportunities to follow your passion and curiosity.



The opportunities at IPPSOL are as limitless as the boundaries of manufacturing, science and technology. We're growing all the time and wherever we go and whatever we do, our people grow with us. We give talented and innovative individuals the chance to explore varied career paths in a challenging and rewarding international environment. We understand just how rare truly exceptional people are, so we'll invest the same innovation, time and care into your career that we put into each of our fascinating projects.

We are passionate about developing new technologies to meet the needs of our customers. We are driven by the chance to step up to new challenges and to innovate constantly to create new opportunities. If you want to work on high-tech projects with practical applications, IPPSOL is the company for you.

We build long-term relationships with our customers and employees by working together on complex projects for the future, often involving plastic and packaging industrial sectors. This opens up broad career options and the chance to develop your skills in a wide range of roles. As projects progress and your professional networks expand, you will be able to grow your skills and progress.

The work we do is important. We deliver solutions and materials that serve plastic and packaging industries. Some of our products and technologies are totally unique, and almost all of them are highly innovative. Whatever your role at IPPSOL, your job will make a difference!

We innovate through teamwork. We could not pursue our large-scale projects without our multidisciplinary approach and the talented people who join forces with each other every day. As you progress within the organization, you will understand what we mean by collaboration and how teamwork develops through interaction with other colleagues, other nationalities and other technologies for the benefit of our customers.

To submit your CV, you can send it to our recruitment team via hr@ippsol.com


  • Raw Materials
  • Packaging Materials
  • Special Inks
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • ERP System


  • Consultancy
  • Recruitment
  • Corporate Transportation
  • Graphic Designing